Review and outlook as of late 2012 – a little history and current prospects

This blog assumes familiarity with the Judeo-Christian worldview. If you reject it and consider humans as accidents of nature, destined only to be controlled by other humans, read no farther. If you are curious about the matter, see, explore, or go to, click on ’search for a group near you’, select your state, click on ‘find a group’, and arrange to view that video series.

The Judeo-Christian view of human history is that God has purposes for mankind as a whole, and for each individual. Those purposes can be discerned by paying attention to the larger picture of history, not just treating it as a list of kings, empires, battles, and dates. This can shed light on our current situation in America and its probable outcomes. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it, and the price goes up each time.

Looking at the last two millenia, it appears that America was called into existence as a nation to fulfill two divine purposes, given in Matthew 21:43 and Matthew 28:19-20. The first, that the kingdom of God would be taken away from Israel and given to a people who would produce the fruits of it; America was that people. The Pilgrims came to worship God and serve as stepping-stones for a future nation; they began with socialism/collectivism, sharing labor and results, failed as recorded in Bradford’s journal, and invented free enterprise within the Christian worldview. This and English common law brought all the colonies onto the same track. The omnipresence of printed Bibles as the basic educational material assured a high level of literacy and a common morality. Sectarian differences between the colonies were moderated by the efforts of traveling evangelist George Whitefield. This prepared the way for the Revolution and the Constitution. Finally people were freed to learn and invent and reap the rewards of their labor, developing their individual talents with individual responsibility. Fulfilling the first purpose involved Daniel 12, that people will travel to and fro and knowledge will increase. Thus America produced the fruits of a godly nation – the highest level of prosperity in human history, huge advances in science, engineering, and medicine, a trip from horse and buggy to the moon over the span of a century. We still had good and bad people, but the socio-economic system was dominated by the good.

The second purpose, the Great Commission ’make disciples of all the nations…teaching them to observe…’ now trembles on the brink of fulfillment. A very high level of prosperity is required for much effort to be put into such a humanly unnecessary task; most of human history has been a struggle to stay above the subsistence level. America developed technology, communications, and the translation techniques that enabled Campus Crusade to make the Jesus Film available in over 1100 languages, and Bibles are printed in every language used by a national government and many regional languages. Much material is available on the internet, cell phones, DVDs and VCDs. The second divine purpose is virtually fulfilled. Is there more? Where are we likely to go from here? God is patient, but He can work on more than one thing at a time. The current situation is too unstable to last for long.

A look at earlier history may be enlightening. Abraham was called out from his people for a purpose. From him, Israel was built up, and then unified as a unique culture in their exodus from Egypt. They were placed at the crossroads of the world’s major trade routes of the time, to be a witness for God to the nations, and to be the people into which God would make His physical entry on the earth as the Messiah, the deliverer from sin. After centuries of struggle, success, backsliding, and punishment, that purpose was fulfilled. But Jesus was rejected by the leaders, and the prophecies of his fate were fulfilled. Forty years later, Jerusalem was rubble and its people scattered abroad, but neither Judaism nor Christianity was ended. Entire languages and mathematical systems had to be developed before the next step toward Daniel 12 could proceed. A language was needed that could incorporate foreign words and concepts, not just conquer and destroy them. That turned out to be English. Arabic numerals and algebra had to be developed before science had the tools to adequately describe the natural world and develop an understanding of it that would lead to technology. That came from Islam and the Ottoman empire. Then the way was prepared for the discovery of the New World, distant enough that men could be freed from the monarchies and class systems of Europe. Individual freedom and individual responsibility have had an opportunity to show what they could do. But sin still is in the picture. The next divine purpose in Scripture is the defeat of evil on earth.

Having fulfilled God’s purposes for America, we are in a position similar to that of Israel after the Crucifixion; the culture is decaying, materialism is rampant. The Cloward-Piven plan for exhausting America’s financial resources has succeeded. Antonio Gramsci devised a strategy to destroy the West by attacking the moral standards provided by Christianity. Implementation began with the ‘intellectual’ porn of Playboy in the 1950’s, and soon grew into the student radicals of the 1960’s whose progeny now provide our movies, video-games, university professors, and governments. We have an impending financial collapse on a global scale. We have a religious falling-away such that foreign countries are sending missionaries to America’s ethnic communities. Student anarchists and communist unions preach revolution. Drug use and pornography are widely accepted. Our borders are unprotected from infiltration by drug cartels and Islamic terrorists, who sometimes work together. Our own government seeks to limit our access to energy supplies, driving costs up. The conversion of food into inefficient fuels is subsidized with tax dollars, at a time when the world’s food reserves are low and our harvests are threatened by drought. An economic decline will force reductions in America’s military forces, which have become mere rent-payers in dozens of nations and are involved in some wars which our leaders have no will to win, as per a 1969 Weather Underground plan.
This president was raised by dedicated Marxists. The first article of faith for Marxists is, ‘There is no God‘. People exist to be manipulated by other people, the purpose in life is to be the manipulator. The Marxist seeks to use any and all institutions of society to subject the society to his will, and eventually to eliminate all competitors for human allegiance – especially God. Dinesh D’Souza is also right about the anti-colonialist rage. He wants to lower our lifestyle to second-world levels at best.
The Marxists who have been guiding Progressivism for the last century have a competitor in Islam. So, two forces are at work, and each seeks to use the other in achieving its own goal. Obama thinks he can pay off Islam by buying their oil at inflated prices as the ’jizyah’ unbeliever tax. For this purpose, he halts as much domestic energy production as possible, driving up prices for OPEC and simultaneously weakening the economy for his anti-colonialist bias. The environmentalists’ global-warming paradigm is his tool here, even though now discredited; warming stopped 16 years ago according to latest info. But it is now in the popular psyche, thanks to Al Gore’s video and Bush’s acceptance of the green movement in accepting Arab oil rather than pushing our own drilling in ANWR. He may have been thinking ‘jizyah’ too.

Islam might accept that temporarily, but ultimately demands surrender. Obama seeks to mollify them, his first official phone call being to Turkey, followed by the Cairo speech. But ’The Project’ is in progress, using immigration and pushing Sharia law as per the European model. Government infiltration is far along, with Houma Abedin to influence Hillary and the State Department. Her mother leads the female wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, and apparently gave her special dispensation to marry Anthony Weiner, a progressive non-practicing Jew. Our State Department has been working closely with the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in the U.N., which proposes a treaty on ‘Non-defamation of Religion’ to inhibit speech worldwide that speaks truth about Islam. They are also working on a worldwide gun control effort, so that only governments can use or trade in weapons. So much for our first and second amendments.

The OIC is working toward global dominance through the U.N., and would be happy to impose Agenda 21 on the way to sharia law, but more radical Islamist elements in the Muslim Brotherhood are in a greater hurry. We are entering a dangerous period with our financial situation. A currency collapse, possibly worldwide, could be triggered by China, which may be weighing the relative asset value of our debt vs. the power to be gained by crashing our currency and shutting down our military capabilities. Obama doesn’t like our military strength anyway, and has been trying to discredit our military and intel agencies. For his purposes, our financial strength is also expendable.

The stage is set for Revelation 6, and the cast is heavy with villains. America tells Israel to divide its land, making them even more vulnerable to attack. World grain supplies are down to a slim margin. Food shortages are causing unrest and hunger in many nations. Islam is on the march; dictators are falling, and the armies that kept their people down can now be merged into one ideological force against Israel. The war of Ezekiel 38-39 is visible on the horizon of time, and the withdrawal of our forces from the Middle East is near. It seems obvious that an attack on Israel will be accompanied by a sleeper-cell attack in America and Europe, to prevent any intervention. The electrical grid and communication facilities are likely targets; transportation and commerce would break down. If financial collapse does not humble us, that will; or if it is too late for national repentance, that may be the occasion of the Rapture. Such an attack would indeed result in the Tribulation for survivors, and many missing people would just be written off. We can easily be punished for our sins; the only way out is that of 2 Chronicles 7:14, confirmed elsewhere in Scripture and in history: …‘humble themselves and pray…I will hear from heaven and heal their land’. Revelation does seem to indicate that opposition to Antichrist continues and comes to a head at Armageddon. America might be spared the worst if we repent, but the rot is wide ands deep, entire denominations are falling away, and materialism rules in politics, education, and the media. But the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 will focus interest on the other end-time prophecies, and begin the process of renewal.

But how does such chaos bring the defeat of evil on earth? Evil has many faces, but there seems to be one common root from which they all spring. In the Ten Commandments, the first five deal with man’s relationship with the Creator and our personal creators, our parents – the authority figures. We are to be humble. The second five deal with man’s relationship with others, in a list of‘thou shall not’ commands which are all examples of power-seeking activities. Can it be that the two basic sins are: rejecting the Creator, and seeking godlike power over other people? The defeat of evil would then be the destruction or discrediting of the institutions of power, and the defeat of every effort to gain or hold power over others. The power-seeking personality type must either be eliminated, or given a powerful warning that inhibits seeking power over the lives of others. It would be a long and unpleasant process, and it may indeed require all of Revelation’s seven years of supernatural punishment to humble the materialists that our educational systems have been so carefully designed to produce.

Several different ‘new world order’ plans are in progress; financial and political elites seek control of economic activities in the western world, Islamic fundamentalists seek a global Caliphate, labor unions seek to control national governments, China’s communist leaders plan to control Asia even as Christianity spreads through its population, Russia seeks to dominate Europe by being its fuel supplier. All these seek to gain permanent power over some target population. Some will work together against the others, and divide up the spoils. None of these plans can prevail against God’s new world order.
Those who are humble could be spared from such a purging ordeal. Perhaps a raptured audience will watch from heaven as the evil of power-seeking is burned out of human hearts. Let us work and pray that we may be part of that audience, and not actors in that seven-year tragedy. Only at its end ’the debts will all be cancelled and the slaves will be set free’ – the Lord’s return, the Jubilee year


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