Assembling the Puzzle

It has been evident for a few years that things political, and their economic consequences, are not being conducted on a logical, or even rational, basis. Mere ignorance would not continue to drive policies in such unethical and destructive directions. Evil intent, its consequences being observed, should arouse counterforces within the political arena which would use rational thought in ethical ways to show the sources of error and correct them – but this does not occur. The American republic depends on voters being well enough educated to evaluate information and act on moral principles, but education has faltered and the entertainment media mock every moral principle. It became evident in 2007 that both the culture and the government were on a course toward failure. In a species endowed with intelligence and reason, why repeat history’s worst mistakes? It brought to mind the Biblical phrase ‘a strong delusion’ from 2 Thessalonians 2:11, but I hesitate to blame God when the human motivations are obvious. Eventually a friend recommended ‘The Harbinger’ by Jonathan Cahn. (New paragraph, 12/17

    ‘The Harbinger’ got me looking at the Hebrew calendar, then Hagee’s new book ‘Four Blood Moons’ led to more searching. I found (useful also for the Hebrew calendar and feast schedule) and the hour-long video from Pastor Mark Biltz at which is well worth taking notes on, even if the video lighting is poor.  Then add in Tim Ballard’s ‘The Covenant’  and a larger picture of history emerges. Readers are encouraged to do their own reading to see what conclusions they draw. This is a summary of how the puzzle pieces fit together for me:
                          –                                                  –
    Hagee’s book focuses on the ‘blood moon’ tetrads that began in 1493, 1949, 1967, and 2014. These sets of lunar/solar eclipses all fall on Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles of two consecutive years of the Hebrew calendar. They are the only four such occurrences since 1000 AD. These are years of considerable significance for Israel; the first he takes to mark the discovery of the Americas, where the U.S. was destined to become Israel’s defender and friend. The second marks the birth of the modern state of Israel, the restored Jewish homeland. The third, the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli control (Luke 21:24, so the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled except for the Islamic control of the Temple Mount?). The fourth must mark some major new development for Israel or the Jewish faith.
     Each tetrad spans almost a year and a half; the relevant event occurs in a short period of time in or near the tetrad. They are events that occur in a cultural context, and it is not easy to discern the buildup of forces or the relatively minor events that were the trigger events that set the major event in motion. The second and third tetrads seem to mark the completion of their event; the first seems to mark the beginning. For 2014-15, watch and wait for it – it should be very interesting.
     Hagee’s point is that events associated with  these rare astronomical events must indicate that God’s Old Testament promises to Israel are still in force, that the solar  system was designed to mark ‘signs and seasons’ and that God’s designated ‘Feasts of Israel’ were to keep Israel looking for those signs.
                         –                                                  –
    In ‘The Covenant’, Ballard’s thesis is that God’s promises to Israel were made to all twelve tribes, and that He has also been working with the ‘lost ten tribes’ who were conquered by Assyria and scattered well before the Babylonian captivity.  They had already fallen into worshiping other gods, and no longer honored the Levitical priesthood or the Jerusalem temple. The Assyrians would have dispersed them mostly toward the northwest, away from the growing Babylonian empire. They probably traveled as family or tribal groups, but with limited resources they would not be likely to retain their written language. Their agricultural skills would have helped them assimilate into other groups they found. Well after the dispersion, the prophets of Israel still spoke of them as ‘Ephraim’ and prophesied concerning them. (Ez. 37, Hosea 9, Zech. 10, Jeremiah 31). If they spread to the northwest they would have gone into Austria, Germany, France, and England. Although they had lost the original culture, they were still heirs of Jacob – the promises had been made, the prophecies remained.
                              –                                                      –
    Ballard associates them with the British believers who rejected the divine pretensions of their earthly royalty and fled as Puritans and Separatists to New England. That began a considerable migration from Europe of like-minded people, and the eventual founding of the United States and the establishment of our Constitution. The numerous miraculous occurrences during the Revolutionary War bear witness to some divine favor.
    He then contends that the inauguration of President Washington and the first Congress was the re-establishment of a covenant with God by the lost ten tribes in their new homeland. (See also The Harbinger.) The prosperity and power which followed was due to the national character which was based on obedience to the Biblical moral laws which inspired much of the Constitutional Convention’s debates.
                              –                                                       –
    The five ‘blood moon’ tetrads during the first millennium are ignored in Hagee’s book. He focuses on the present-day nation of Israel, but those earlier tetrads are quite significant for Ballard’s ten tribes.  See for more details.
Tetrad 1, 32-33,  related to the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
Tetrad 2, 162-63, great persecution under Marcus Aurelius drove monotheistic believers out of Italy to the northern and western provinces where they had more liberty. Christian believers would have encountered the lost tribes there.
Tetrad 3, 795-96, Charlemagne stopped Muslim moves toward France and secured Europe’s western borders against them.
Tetrad 4, 842-43, Muslims came up Italy and sacked Rome; Italy unified to defeat them in a naval battle at Ostia and discouraged any further attacks from the south.
Tetrad 5, 860-61, Byzantine forces defeated the Muslims at Lalakaon, securing Europe’s western borders for the next 750 years – giving Europe time to discover America (the 1493 tetrad).
    The major turning points at which Europe was protected from Muslim conquest all come at or near those feast-days tetrads, but Israel had been largely depopulated after the 70 AD seige of Jerusalem by the Romans. Jerusalem was indeed trampled underfoot by the Gentiles, for a long time. They had no significance for Israel but had much importance for the ten tribes, which seems to be a confirmation of Ballard’s thesis.
                              –                                                        –
    ‘The Harbinger’ by Jonathan Cahn uses three fictional characters to explain from history, both recent and ancient, a pattern of events which is clearly still in progress. It starts in Isaiah’s comment on the fall of the northern kingdom, when the ten tribes were conquered. It is a Biblical pattern, and the parallels are remarkable.
    The current side of the story leads to these facts; the economic impact of the 9/11 attack was felt when the stock markets next opened after that day. The Dow fell by a record 684 points. That date was September 17, 2001: 29 Elul 5761 in the Hebrew calendar used by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That was the final day of the year in the 7-year Hebrew economic cycle (see Leviticus 25) designated for the settling or remission of debts. The attack caused a recession, the government resolved that we would come back stronger, and Americans were asked to keep spending to boost the economy. To emphasize our strength we initiated wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, seeking to change ingrained cultures over a thousand years old. The cultures remain unchanged, and our national debt increased by 5 trillion dollars while a real-estate bubble built up and was marketed world-wide in the form of ‘derivatives’. Domestic unrest built up over the war expenses and caused the candidates in the 2008 elections to remain personally unexamined while the media diverted attention to other matters. That ‘year of remission’ began with the first sign of economic trouble – the failure of Northern Rock Bank in Britain. When the real estate values behind the ’derivatives’ began to decline due to non-payment of the underlying loans by unqualified buyers, the debt bubble collapsed. That came on September 29, 2008 (29 Elul 5768 in the Hebrew calendar) when the Dow dropped 777 points, 7% of its value, 7 full Hebrew years after its fall in 2001. The nation’s founding covenant with God seems to also put some aspect of our fate on God’s old Hebrew calendar.
    As Israel’s stand-in for this act of the play (per Matt. 21:43) for the purpose of Matt. 24:14, we should take note that all of what we call ‘western civilization’ is rapidly abandoning its Christian roots. Even history itself is being rewritten, and we become ever more irresponsible in our moral, ethical, and financial behavior. As Israel fell to Assyria, so can we fall. We have been warned. The Apostle Paul in Romans 11:17-23, and indeed in all of Romans 8 thru 11, describes our times well. Anyone who follows the news can see the approach of the events of Ezekiel 38-39, and Ezekiel 39:29 matches up with Romans 11:26-29. At our current rate of cultural decline, it may take divine assistance even to survive until the next ‘year of remission’, and divine mercy to actually endure it. Divine retribution is not limited to economic affairs; the whole of nature is at God’s command.
    The next ’year of remission’ begins on September 25, 2014 (Hebrew 1 Tishri 5775) and ends on September 13, 2015 (Hebrew 29 Elul 5775). A major event on that last day could not be dismissed as coincidence. That may be what it takes to get the attention of a secular world. The events related to the lunar tetrads do not seem to be as date-specific as America’s economic events were.
    Is there any indication that the 7-year Tribulation coincides with the 7-year economic cycle? It might seem fitting that it would start after an economic collapse and escalate through the next ‘year of remission’. It might also be that it would start with a ‘year of remission’ and escalate until the next one (5782), which is a ‘Jubilee year’ (divisible by 49). Leviticus 25 terms a jubilee year the year to ‘declare liberty throughout the land’. That one begins Sep. 7, 2021 and ends Sep. 25, 2022.  The book mentions that Israel’s northern kingdom only survived about 20 years after their first warning. Are we on track to repeat that too?  In that context, it may be noteworthy that the first Hebrew year of the Revolutionary War (5537, from 9/14/1776 to 10/1/1777) was also a Jubilee Year. (Dates from – Wikipedia says there is dispute about whether Jubilee was the 49th or 50th year, but there seems a better case for  49).                                                      –
    It appears that the Maker of the universe has indeed set signs in the heavens, and that they do portend major events for His chosen people. America partakes of His blessings as a portion of His chosen people – unless we fall away from the faith and the covenants by which we have been blessed. Such a falling away is obviously far along. If we do not soon claim a Master greater than man, we will soon have a man as our master.
    The implications of this history: God desires that mankind be free to choose, and that we be taught to choose responsibly; that we recognize and avoid the evil options; that in our freedom we do not limit the freedom of others. In the Ten Commandments, the first five deal with man’s relationship with the Creator and our personal creators, our parents – the authority figures. We are to be humble. The second five deal with man’s relationship with others, in a list of ‘thou shall not’ commands which are all examples of power-seeking activities. Can it be that the two basic sins are: rejecting the Creator, and seeking godlike power over other people? The defeat of evil would then be the destruction or discrediting of the institutions of power, and the defeat of every effort to gain or hold power over others. The power-seeking personality type must either be eliminated, or given a powerful warning that inhibits seeking power over the lives of others.
    Enemies of man and God, then, are those who seek power to control the lives and choices of others; all who would use force, threats, or lies against them. Today, many governments prosper by using envy, lies, force, and ungodly laws. They subvert people by legalizing and encouraging what God forbids. They seek to replace God as the ultimate moral authority. They will not end well.
    Each of us is a participant in an ancient, continuing war for our own souls. It is a privilege to be present on the field of battle at such a time as this. We must choose our side and our actions carefully, the consequences are eternal and anyone could be taken out of the battle at any time with no chance to change sides.
    Check the two earlier posts in this blog for more background thoughts that I will not repeat here. The conclusion:
    It appears that the worldly elites are building a huge trap of debt, regulations, and government power, and when it goes off they intend to be the masters with the rest of us as slaves. (Global warming, Agenda 21, ‘quantitative easing’, Common Core, Obamacare, open borders, gun control, surveillance) But there are other pieces that they ignore lying around the trap, and God is arranging those, and there is a clock involved that they know not of. About the time they plan to set off their trap, they will find themselves caught in a bigger one and believers will be away at a wedding. Let us do all we can to make the guest list longer.

One thought on “Assembling the Puzzle

  1. Clarification on Jubilee Years: Rabbi Cahn explained in ‘The Mystery of the Shemitah’ that the year AFTER each 49th year is the Jubilee Year.The next Jubilee year will be the one that begins Sept. 26, 2022. And it’s beginning to feel as if the Tribulation began about Sept. 14, 2015 (Hebrew year 5776) as the degeneration of the culture and government accelerated. The Shemitah also indicated that the real effects of the year of remission are felt in the following year. Perhaps this next Jubilee year will be one the survivors really appreciate…

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