O Tempora! O Mores!

As Cicero lamented the decline of the once-great Roman Republic, history repeats itself.

Western civilization is now attacking the religion that gave birth to it. The Bible has been under attack since Darwin, and the secularists have now gained control of our ‘representative’ government. That government now wishes to impose its own moral value system on our society, and scoffs at the idea of God being a higher power than itself. The Christian Church, created to carry the word of God to the world over time, has largely changed its mission from evangelism to social justice and self-affirmation, and now is becoming subservient to secular government’s demands. In not denouncing moral failures, we legitimize them – now pornography plagues many of our families, and the coarseness of TV and movies inhabits our minds and mouths. Secular media mock those who seek to follow the Bible. The moral flaws tolerated by the culture seem too numerous to attack, and they all spring from violation of one or more of the Ten Commandments. Whole denominations are deciding which parts of the Bible they no longer wish to follow. Lawyers attack a legal system based on the Bible, mock that moral basis, and legalize what it forbids. Secular law is turned against religious practice, and the people submit because the pulpits are silent.

Even as science finally learns enough to verify and develop the details of Genesis 1 (see ‘Improbable Planet’ by Hugh Ross, or www.reasons.org), and the Intelligent Design paradigm shows intellectual maturity, postmodernist ‘philosophers’ attack the basic idea of a rational, cause-and-effect universe. Universities abandon free inquiry and debate, and become ‘safe spaces’ devoted to propagating political correctness or the most destructive ideologies of recent centuries. Strange things happen when people have too much time on their hands, and little need to work productively to earn their bread.

Church and state were separated so that secular authority could not cloak itself in religious power. The Church is to represent an authority higher than any secular government, and has the duty to defend God’s value system whenever government violates it. If that duty is not carried out, then the Church merits God’s punishment along with government. That punishment can come as obvious results of the Church’s disengagement, such as crime, social and racial conflicts, addictions, and general dishonesty. Another form of punishment is ungodly government, a consequence of electing people who are not grounded in Biblical principles and beliefs and who then use secular power to impose their own will and values on the nation. We have clearly arrived at all of the above.

Recent government policies and actions have brought us to the point that everyone must choose between speaking for and living out Biblical principles and beliefs, or accepting the moral chaos of secularism. When all have made their choice, it will be God’s choice whether the nation deserves revival or punishment. But revival comes when people seek God, and it appears that not only are unbelievers not seeking God, but also the Church (for the most part) is not even trying to get their attention. If God has not forsaken us, He will get our attention by making life so difficult that people do earnestly seek Him because the difficulty is beyond our ability to handle. I think this nation was called into being to fulfill Matt. 21:43 and Matt 24:14. Even as our technology handles the latter task (the Jesus film now showing in 1455 languages), it is being misused to undermine and attack Christianity. This contradiction tells me that this nation should be deprived of its technology and reduced to a level that requires everyone to live simply and work hard in order even to eat. There are several ways this can happen, either from our own irresponsible fiscal conduct or from outside influences.

We have been brought to a time of division and conflict, groups of people turned against each other – races, religions, social and economic classes, age groups, political views – every difference of interest is being exploited by secular government for its own advantage. Our division must be healed. The only way a common interest can develop is if that interest is survival itself. There is no human power that can unify people who have been so polarized, there is no societal institution to which all have some allegiance, since the Church has become impotent. God has precedent in His dealings with the northern and southern kingdoms of ancient Israel. He appoints another power to conquer or disable the apostate nation.

Actual physical conquest of such a large land mass would be difficult and invite nuclear extermination, but we are vulnerable to newer kinds of attack. Cyber-attacks can confuse our financial system. Another oil embargo could stress our economy and force us to default on the national debt. Most effectively, a single nuclear bomb exploded a few hundred miles above Kansas could destroy our electrical grid, internet, communications, and entire economy silently without fallout or structural damage. See futurescience.com/emp.html for details.

After that, hardly anything would still work – phones, cars, cash registers, or industries. Three unfriendly nations can now do that, Iran will be a fourth, and we would not even know who to blame. Estimates are that over half our population would be lost to starvation, riots, and disease. Read ’One Second After’ by W. Forstchen. The survivors would have to re-create civilization, and only the Christian model has a chance of working well. This could be how God restores character to America – and the rest of the world may have to send missionaries here to help. If some of us plan to soften that worst-case scenario, and make some preparations for it, any lesser form of divine retribution would also be more easily handled.



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